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Re: Wingpanel and Indicators, future?


Having indicators post the UI over D-bus and let anything draw them is
actually a pretty good idea, though I dislike the current "dbusmenu +
libido" implementation - it's really hacky. It will allow embedding
indicators in application titlebars in maximized or fullscreen state - I
recall Cassidy mentioning such an idea, is it still pursued?

I doubt indicators will force Upstart dependency on us. Upstart is not a
huge interdependent mess like systemd, it's just a way to start things up
on demand. We have Cerbere to substitute it on non-ubuntu platforms.

Also, some indicator backends are really complex, and I'd rather not
reinvent the wheel yet again... and the same goes for plugs, by the way.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

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