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Gtk Popover has landed in PPA


Hey folks,

Good news! If you're using the GNOME 3 Staging PPA, you now have popovers!
As of Gtk 3.11.5 they are available and I've just pushed theming support to
egtk trunk.

So give them a spin :) If your app is using Granite.Popover, it's a good
time to check and make sure GtkPopover does everything we need it to do.
Our friend Allan Day over at GNOME has asked for our feedback, so don't
hesitate to file bugs upstream.

One thing I noticed right away is that GtkPopover's arrow "leans" a little
bit instead of cramming it up against the side of the widget. This is a
pretty interesting solution and I think shows that there has been attention
to detail in this widget :)

Best Regards,

Daniel Foré