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Re: What's up with Pantheon Notify?


2014-02-21 20:51 GMT+04:00 Tom Beckmann <tomjonabc@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Yes, the plan is to make it a plugin, however I'm not sure whether the
> design that is currently implemented is the one we were going to go with.

Last time I checked this document was the pinnacle of Dan's, mine, and
probably other people's efforts:

> At least I think I remember discussions about a new super awesome design
> which will make everything better and somehow incorporate some sort of
> notification center. But I'm not sure if we're still going for this. I
> haven't seen any designs for this direction so far.

Dan, could you comment on this? (Also, Y U NO visit IRC?)

Last time I checked the whole "notification center" concept was not highly
regarded around here because
1) It's painful to see how Android users cursed with a notification center
scroll through their entire social networks dump just to check if a
specific event has occurred
2) It's not the notifications but action items you don't want to miss, so
we're better off with showing the number of action items in the dock badge

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff