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Re: [geda-user] Thoughts on mechanical CAD interaction...


On Fri, 30 Aug 2013 15:26:41 +0100, "Peter C.J. Clifton" <pcjc2@xxxxxxxxx>
> On 2013-08-30 13:20, Peter TB Brett wrote:
>> On Fri, 30 Aug 2013 13:49:17 +0200, Markus Hitter <mah@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
>> wrote:
>>> I did quite a number of rebases in
>>> the central repo and so far I'm not aware of a single conflict caused
>>> by this.
>> Why does Markus have non-fast-forward push access to any gEDA 
>> repositories
>> in the first place?  He's not (and never has been) on the gEDA admins 
>> team!
> I wasn't aware you could restrict --force, but I do agree it would be 
> useful to do.
> (I'll admit I've rescued a few stupid mistakes with it, usually within 
> about a 5-minute window of the original problem).

Yes, there's nothing wrong with using it in an emergency.

> In general though, I don't resent people having access to the 
> repository, as in the absence of any more active maintainers, it seems 
> like denying it would be encouraging a far quicker death of the project.

I agree with this bit.  To be honest I'm fine with people having --force
access to git, but it should be documented that they have it *and* I feel
it should be restricted to admins.  I've done serious damage to my own
repos with git push --force in the past.  I really don't feel comfortable
having people routinely using --force on the official repos rather than
treating it as a tool of last resort.

At the very least, though, Markus should have been added to geda-developers
when he was given push access.  And if DJ really wants Markus as an admin I
suppose that's okay too. :-/


Dr Peter Brett

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