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Bug#537300: shiki-wise-theme: broken selection


2009/7/17 Victor Castillejo <perfectska04@xxxxxxxxx>:
> The restriction comes mainly from the matching icon set, as any darker green
> base color would not work for them, or add too much contrast for the colored
> GTK widgets on a gray background. As I said, it might be possible to make an
> exception for the wise set and use something slightly darker like "#9FC257"

I guess anything darker would be a step in the right direction.

> that would retain consistency with the icons. However, since the difference
> between it and "#A7CC57" is not too much, in this case - setting the
> selected item colors manually might yield more readability on your end,
> assuming you're using a different icon set or don't mind a little
> inconsistency with the matching wise icon set. I personally don't find it
> unreadable, as I use the wise variant the most. However, if you feel
> something like "#9FC257" is readable, that's something that can be done to
> fix the issue - otherwise, the selected color has to be chosen manually as
> to keep the current design and the related icons consistent. As for the Wine
> variant, the current selected background for it and it's icons (in the
> latest stable releases) is "#df5757", which is a bit lighter and more
> consistent with the overall brightness of the other sets.

OK, I guess these themes are not for me.

I aim for something like uniform contrast so that I can set the
contrast on my monitor to some value under which everything on my
screen is easy to read yet not too sharp. With a theme set that
includes a low-contrast selection and black text on almost white
background elsewhere I cannot get that.

Unfortunately many things are hardcoded to black on white so lower
contrast themes are generally not very useful.

I hoped this theme could get somewhat usable for me so that I can have
more than the single theme I have adapted but I guess this was

Sorry about taking your time here.



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