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Bug#537300: shiki-wise-theme: broken selection


Don't worry, you're not taking anyone's time. Thanks for pointing out the
issue, as it can be held in consideration for future designs. For now, the
entire set's purpose is to be vibrant and colorful as possible, while mixing
both dark and light elements. It is definitely not for everyone, but I hope
that at least it is useful to some. As for alternatives, a visit to
gnome-look.org may yield the results you seek, with the sheer quantity of
themes - there is always something for everyone. The icons themselves can be
rebuilt from source to any color palette you desire, so if you do find a
theme that is to your liking, you can make the icons fit well with it.

On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 3:20 PM, Michal Suchanek <hramrach@xxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> 2009/7/17 Victor Castillejo <perfectska04@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > The restriction comes mainly from the matching icon set, as any darker
> green
> > base color would not work for them, or add too much contrast for the
> colored
> > GTK widgets on a gray background. As I said, it might be possible to make
> an
> > exception for the wise set and use something slightly darker like
> "#9FC257"
> I guess anything darker would be a step in the right direction.
> > that would retain consistency with the icons. However, since the
> difference
> > between it and "#A7CC57" is not too much, in this case - setting the
> > selected item colors manually might yield more readability on your end,
> > assuming you're using a different icon set or don't mind a little
> > inconsistency with the matching wise icon set. I personally don't find it
> > unreadable, as I use the wise variant the most. However, if you feel
> > something like "#9FC257" is readable, that's something that can be done
> to
> > fix the issue - otherwise, the selected color has to be chosen manually
> as
> > to keep the current design and the related icons consistent. As for the
> Wine
> > variant, the current selected background for it and it's icons (in the
> > latest stable releases) is "#df5757", which is a bit lighter and more
> > consistent with the overall brightness of the other sets.
> >
> OK, I guess these themes are not for me.
> I aim for something like uniform contrast so that I can set the
> contrast on my monitor to some value under which everything on my
> screen is easy to read yet not too sharp. With a theme set that
> includes a low-contrast selection and black text on almost white
> background elsewhere I cannot get that.
> Unfortunately many things are hardcoded to black on white so lower
> contrast themes are generally not very useful.
> I hoped this theme could get somewhat usable for me so that I can have
> more than the single theme I have adapted but I guess this was
> pointless.
> Sorry about taking your time here.
> Thanks
> Michal