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Gnome 3: Games not launching because of path environment


Im not sure if i should post it as a bug or something so i thought i should
send an email instead.

After a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.04 x64, and installing Gnome 3 with the
gnome 3 ppa everything seemed fine.
(except the theme issue, which was resolved without a fuss)

The included games like mines were working.

But installing new games like supertux and openarena from the terminal or
USC, and launching them from the application list in gnome shell wont work.
And when running the game in terminal it gives me:

"not available in "/usr/games/"whatevergame"
The command could not be located because '/usr/games' is not included in the
PATH environment variable.

I checked my /etc/environment and it says:

This isn't a problem in Unity or KDE on Ubuntu 11.04 x64.

I apologize in forehand if this is not the right way of informing.

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