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Graphics Benchmark


Hi all,

I wanted to show my appreciation for this PPA by contributing somehow, so I
took the advice from the overview and ran a benchmark!

The results can be found here
<https://openbenchmarking.org/result/1810066-RA-39654051883>. (

I had NVIDIA drivers 396.54-06 installed a few days ago and felt like my
performance in certain games was improved over 396.54-05. Despite that,
I've switched to this PPA to be able to more easily correct graphics issues
after kernel upgrades. I very recently experienced a kernel update on
Ubuntu 18.10 and after the reboot the graphics drivers failed to work. I
had to switch to another TTS, uninstall the Drivers using the --uninstall
switch on the .run file, and reinstall the same drivers using the same .run
file. Installing from the repo is so much easier!

Let me know if there is anything more I can do to help. I'm looking forward
to more bleeding-edge NVIDIA drivers :)