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WorkView: Start of the day



I am experimenting with my personal GTG workflow. I would like to really leverage WorkView feature: I choose under 20 tasks I can work on then work on one of them. Tasks are often hidden because of the start date, e.g. "Go to a party" is shown in WorkView only on that given date.

The current implementation assumes the fact that a new day starts at 6am. If you work late during midnight, you would get many new tasks in the middle of your "work day". We should have an option for changing that.

I think that the day could begin even a day earlier for my use case:

I work from early morning and rest in the evening. Before I go to bed, I would like to do planning for the next day. After 9pm, GTG would show in WorkView also tasks which start tomorrow.
I would like to have an option to edit when the day starts. How big the interval could be?
 1) 00:00 day before - 23:00 today
 2) 12:00 day before - 23:00 today
 3) 12:00 day before - 12:00 today

I would go with options 1 or 2.

I am not sure which widget to use for setting this option. From top of my head, we can have a text field with the format XX:XX and if the user wants to start day before, put a minus before, e.g. 12:00 (today), -21:00 (day before) It sounds like a big hack to me.

Another option is to use a scale with a label like it is in Hamster's dialog for activity reminder. http://i.imgur.com/6pjuO.png

How should be the start of the day setup? Which widget to use?


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