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Notification system, and hour for tasks


Hello everybody.

As you certainly know, we are at midterm of the Summer of Code and my work
to integrate GTG to Gnome Shell will now begin a new major step :

During the last month, I developped mainly three modules for my extension :
- Search in overview
- Calendar menu
- Preferences
You can have more details here :

But this is not the main subject of this mail, but I wanted you stay tuned
to have the best feedback ;)
I discussed with Luca of the work I'll do the next month.

Before the SoC started, I planned to develop a notification system with
hour support. For example :
"Don't forget to go to the dentist (painful example) at 2pm"

Luca warned me that have a finished work at the end of the SoC may be too
long to be done during one month because I must :
- Add hour support for tasks in GTG
- Create entirely the notification module for the Gnome-Shell extension
So, I have now two possibility #1 Continue to work on existing modules #2
Begin to work on notification system.
In order to have a finished work at the end the SoC, I had the idea to
split this part of my project into other parts, here an example of this
kind of sub-parts :
1. Add hour support for a task in GTG (Core/editor/...)
2. Update DBus methods
3. Create notification system in the extension
By this way, I may have a finished work at the end of the SoC (for example
step 1.) and continue to work on 2. and 3. after the SoC, or maybe finished
step 1. and 2. and continue to work on 3. after the SoC.

Luca says me that hour support for tasks was not a priority for the devs
Also, after seen other task organizers, I can see that more of them don't
have this support of hour.

In my opinion, the best way is to let the user choose this. Of course I'm
thinking about plugin.
However, if the user want to have their tasks notified in his Gnome-Shell,
it will install GTG, Enable hour plugin in GTG, install the extension. It's
a bit too much and all of simplicity is lost here.

So what do you think about that ?
What is the best way to do that according to you ?

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