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Some works regarding GTG's redesign


Dear all,

During the last weeks I have taken some time to work on GTG's redesign. You
will find 4 mockups I made in attachment. I will probably continue to work
on this in the coming weeks, although less intensively since I will have
less time for GTG, and also because we will now concentrate progressively
more on the next release. I'm sending this mail today to notice you about
this work and to give everyone an opportunity to provide feedback.

Some remarks:

   - You will see that those mockups are heavily influenced by the previous
   work of alba, but there are some subtle changes here and there, mostly in
   the navigation options.
   - I see the first mockup (gtg-mockup-organizer-classic) as an
   intermediate point between a full gnome 3.x version of GTG and the current
   version. So it may be considered as an intermediate step in a migration
   - gtg-mockup-organizer presents a potential full GNOME 3.x GTG. Except
   for the top bar which become a "navigation bar" rather than a toolbar, it
   is the same as the previous one, but it is now consistent with other GNOME
   3.x apps (see https://live.gnome.org/Design/Apps/).
   - In gtg-mockup-organizer-viewbar, I show an additional toolbar that
   allows the user to refine how tasks are presented and what tasks are
   presented. I like that bar.
   - The last mockup (gtg-mockup-workview) presents an experimental "Work
   View" which presents itself as a complete dedicated mode of GTG (rather
   than a simple adaptation like it is the case in the current version), with
   a strong focus on doing rather than organizing the task. For instance, you
   would not be able to edit tasks while in this mode. (it's just an idea a
   this point, I haven't though this through yet)
   - I still have many question or things I need to cover in those mockups:
      - What about the task editor?
      - What about features like the quick add entry?
      - What about collaboration?
      - ...

I think this design is quite consistent, and things are shaping up.

If you're interested, you can play with the mockups, which offer a (very)
limited interactivity. I made them available on this branch:
based on HTML+CSS, and best viewed in firefox (for the full support
of gradients. Also, I only tested them in this browser.). I recommend
opening mockups/task_browser/14-alternate_workview/organizer.html first (it
corresponds to the screenshots in attachment).

Some months ago, I also implemented an experimental branch with the
alternate task list you can see in the mockups (which was designed by alba
originally): lp:~bertrand-rousseau/gtg/new-task-list-layout<https://code.launchpad.net/%7Ebertrand-rousseau/gtg/new-task-list-layout>You
might be interested to take a shot at it. Not everything is
(no indent for children) and I now think the task containers' heights are
to wide, but it nevertheless provide an interesting feeling.


Bertrand Rousseau

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