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Re: Reoccurring tasks blueprint


Hi, Izidor.

On 02/06/2012 11:11 AM, Izidor Matušov wrote:
> Hi tim,
> thank you for your time and your proposal. A few notes top of my head:
> - using Quick Add Bar is quite problematic:
>   * problems with localization (what sounds good in English is not good
> for e.g. German or Slovak
>   * users have to know the language for entering the recurrent tasks

Yeah... That makes perfect sense.

>   * there is no way how to change parameters of repeated tasks

Assuming use of the quick add bar is even possible, couldn't the
parameters entered simply be added to the "reoccurs" field in the task?
Similar to how I can add "due:2012-02-15" on the quick add bar, then
edit the due date later, after the task has been created.

> Another question is if it is needed to have fields "Starting on", "Due
> for" for repeated tasks. Maybe we don't need them?

I think "starting on" would be nice to have, but not required.

"Due for" I do think is required so that sorting in the main GTG window
continues to work as it does now. For example, I use "All tasks" and
sort for "Due" so that I can assign tasks to my @today tag.

> Are we able to change a normal task into repeated task and vice versa?

I think it would be nice (by adding or removing content to the
"reoccurs" field). That said, I don't know how often I would do that

> Could you enter the mockup screenshot? (It is enough to draw it on a
> piece of paper)

Happy to. I will mock something up and add it.

> There will be still a lot of discussion to answer important questions.

Great, thanks. I did not think that the blueprint would be complete, or
even that what I added was the only correct way to implement it.

thanks again and hope all is well

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