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Re: Reoccurring tasks blueprint


Hi tim,

   * there is no way how to change parameters of repeated tasks

Assuming use of the quick add bar is even possible, couldn't the
parameters entered simply be added to the "reoccurs" field in the task?
Similar to how I can add "due:2012-02-15" on the quick add bar, then
edit the due date later, after the task has been created.

You're right. My point was that extension of quick add bar without any additional UI is not enough.

Another question is if it is needed to have fields "Starting on", "Due
for" for repeated tasks. Maybe we don't need them?

I think "starting on" would be nice to have, but not required.

"Due for" I do think is required so that sorting in the main GTG window
continues to work as it does now. For example, I use "All tasks" and
sort for "Due" so that I can assign tasks to my @today tag.

"Due for" is not required or better said it could be computed from other parameters of repeated task. Example:

Task "Cleaning kitchen" repeats on every Friday. What should be the content of "starting on"? "Due for"?

Possible solutions:
Start: Friday, Due for: Friday - do it in one day
Start: Thursday, Due for: Friday - if you have time, do it in advance
Start: Friday, Due for: Saturday - do it until next day
Start: <None>, Due for: Friday - there is no start date, task simply popup on Thursday/Friday

Fields "Starting on" and "Due for" lose their meaning with repeated tasks. Do you get what I mean?


I have a feeling that we are going to reinvent the wheel. Maybe we should consider existing ICAL features (repeating used in Google Calendar/your E-mail client). It would provide a user comfort of the existing tools but we modify UI/entering query.

If we decide to reuse ICAL, there would be still many questions:

* generate tasks in advance? If you look at the calendar, you see every instance of your task and you can decide to remove/modify just a single instance. The trick with infinite tasks (Clean kitchen every Friday) is that you render just a month and you can create exceptions from that.

* if not, when exactly should be a task shown in browser? When hitting the start date? After marking a previous instance as done/dismissed? In advance 1 day? In advance 2 days? X days? How to chose X?

* What to do if I don't do the previous task? Should I show both of the tasks? Remove undone task?

* if I show only one instance of task and I want to remove this repeating task, how should I do it?

There are still many opened questions (at least in my mind). What is your opinion?


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