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Re: Making sure a certain tag is applied to every task


On 08/26/2012 09:40 PM, Francesco Turco wrote:

I have the @p tag for periodic tasks and the @np tag for non-periodic
tasks. Each task should be either periodic or non-periodic. At the
moment I set the gray color for both the @p and @np tags and I just make
sure that every task has a gray square. The fact is I'd like to avoid
using a color for periodic/non-periodic tasks because I already have
colors for @1/@2/@3 tag priorities, and priority is more important for
me to recognise than periodicity.

Has anyone already had a similar problem?

Hi Francesco,

others offered you some possible solutions. I would like to understand your need, what kind of problem do you want to solve? As far as I understand, you want to distinguish between tasks which are periodic and non-periodic, don't you?

Which version of GTG do you use?