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Re: Making sure a certain tag is applied to every task


Both the p and np tags have gray color?


Actually, I'd like to use a light gray color for periodic tasks and a dark gray color for non-periodic tasks, but I can't choose correctly a pair of gray colors that result in the same background color. That is, I can't understand how background colors are generated.

I am not sure if I understand it clearly, from my interpretation:
You want to add p and np tags to the tasks as and when they are created
and you do not want to give them task colors, right?

I can add @p and @np tags manually when I create a task, no need for GTG to add them automatically. But I'd like a way to easily check if I forgot to add either @p or @np to some tasks.

I do not want to give @p/@np a color because that interferes with @1 (red) / @2 (yellow) / @3 (green) priority tags.

Well just a random hack here.
You can create 2 parent tasks: Periodic ('A') with tag p and non
periodic ('B') with tag np, both without any start or due dates
Now add all your periodic tasks as sub-tasks of A and non-periodic tasks
as sub-tasks of 'B' and use workview

I don't really like to add fake periodic/non-periodic meta-tasks to the task list, because they are tasks that are meant to remain forever, and should never be dismissed/removed. I'd like instead to dismiss every task in my GTG one day :).

Once the recurring tasks feature is added. Your problem will be solved.

It seems the best option to me.