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Re: Making sure a certain tag is applied to every task


On 08/30/2012 12:03 PM, Francesco Turco wrote:
others offered you some possible solutions. I would like to understand
your need, what kind of problem do you want to solve? As far as I
understand, you want to distinguish between tasks which are periodic and
non-periodic, don't you?

My problem is not really related to the fact that at the moment there is
no way to create periodic tasks. The @p/@np tag is just an example of
the problem. Another example would be to make sure all tasks have either
the @1, @2 or @3 tag.

In the language of mathematics, I'd like to partition the set of all
tasks into several non-overlapping classes, with each class identified
by a certain tag. All conceivable tasks are either periodic or
non-periodic. All conceivable tasks are either high-priority,
medium-priority or low-priority. Another person could provide other

My goal is to make sure, in these cases, that every task gets tagged
correctly. Using a color for those tags is the only way I find to
quickly check if it's the case that I've missed to tag some tasks.

Perhaps the solution is to implement the AND, OR and NOT operators when
selecting tags. For example in the quick search bar, I could write
"NOT(@p OR @np) and GTG would display those tasks with missing tags.

Finally, there are cases in which this problem does not occour. For
example, I have a @linux tag for tasks related to learning Linux tools
and administering my Linux system. I don't want a @non-linux tag because
I don't find it to be equally useful to me. So in this case I don't have
to check that every task has either the @linux or the @non-linux tag.

Which version of GTG do you use?

0.2.9 on an Arch Linux system.

I understand your need now. Since GTG 0.2.9, there is a search feature. You can search through tasks using a simple query language. You can easily facilitate it for you:

!not @p --> shows all tasks which doesn't have @p
!not @p !not @np  --> shows all tasks without tags @p, @np
@p !or @np --> shows all tasks with a tag @p or @np

You can write the query into quick add toolbar and from the completion menu choose Search. If your query is malformed, the search option is hidden.

After every search, the query is saved as a special tag. You can rename it to your needs.


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