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Re: Making sure a certain tag is applied to every task


I understand your need now. Since GTG 0.2.9, there is a search feature.
You can search through tasks using a simple query language. You can
easily facilitate it for you:

!not @p --> shows all tasks which doesn't have @p
!not @p !not @np  --> shows all tasks without tags @p, @np
@p !or @np --> shows all tasks with a tag @p or @np

You can write the query into quick add toolbar and from the completion
menu choose Search. If your query is malformed, the search option is

After every search, the query is saved as a special tag. You can rename
it to your needs.

Great feature! I didn't know this was already implemented in GTG! Thank you, Izidor.

Just some little observations:
1) The !and operator seems to be implicit, and if written down explicitely, the query is considered invalid. 2) When addding a query string that starts with an exclamation mark, and underscore is automatically added at the beginning, and cannot be removed.