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Changes to the sound menu registration process for Natty


Hi folks,

One of the items outlined at UDS in Orlando was to remove libindicate from the registration process and use exclusively the MPRIS 2 DBus API for registration. I am happy to say this work has been completed.

In order to ensure each client will work seamlessly with the new modus operandi the spec should be implemented thoroughly including the desktop file entry.

One set back to this approach and with the existing release is the absence of the ability for a player to remove themselves from the menu once it has been 'remember'. Our Maverick implementation allowed for the player to prevent itself being added to the menu but did not allow for the user to remove the player.

Considering this I propose we add an extra entry to the players desktop file called "X-Canonical-Indicator-Sound". This should be set to true or false. On start up the background service will then be able determine from the proposed entry to the individual desktop files whether the player is interested or not in the menu. The UI already outlined in the spec for each player should still allow for the user to change its behaviour accordingly. Before for Maverick this check box disabled the libindicate registration, now it will simple change the value of this proposed entry in the desktop file.

Thoughts ?


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