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release 0.5.9 updates


Hi folks,

As of this weeks release inclusion or exclusion from the sound menu can be achieved via a dbus API.

  <interface name="com.canonical.indicators.sound">

    <method name = "BlacklistMediaPlayer">

        <annotation name="org.freedesktop.DBus.GLib.Async" value="true"/>

        <arg type='s' name='player_desktop_name' direction="in"/>

        <arg type='b' name='blacklist' direction="in"/>

        <arg type='b' name='result' direction="out"/>


The player_desktop_name argument as before should be the name of the Desktop file minus the '.desktop' suffix. The boolean should signify intent whether you want to blacklist or 'un-blacklist'.

'BlacklistMediaPlayer' will return True if it managed to write to its gsettings, otherwise it will return false (for whatever reason such as the application is already blacklisted or in the case of the 'un-blacklisting' the application cannot be found in the blacklist array ). Any changes to gsettings should automatically reflected in the menu, i.e. player entries will be removed dynamically if they have just been blacklisted. Of course if an application has just been 'un-blacklisted' (by passing false along with the correct name) and its is running it will automatically pop back into the menu.

One other change in this release that should concern you is that the title on the player item which before was using just the name in the Desktop file now attempts to use the Identity property on the MPRIS root interface. Any changes to this property are dynamically reflected on the UI.

Alpha2 Freeze is on at the moment therefore this should find its way into natty by Thursday the 10th.

Best regards,

Sound Architect
Desktop Experience Team
Product Strategy