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6/14/2010 Keryx Development Meeting


Last week I left the development meeting with a fairly long TODO list.
I'm happy to announce that I completed 5 of the dozen or so items.
Here's what I did:

* Made the startup dialog go away after project is opened until
project is closed.
* Added About dialog.
* Implemented Quit button.
* Implemented sources editor.
* Made Keryx really close when "X"ed out of.

(You can check out all this in lp:~mac9416/keryx/unstable)

Here is what I did not accomplish:

* Have pulsing progress window appear while project is loading.
* Add Preferences dialog that persists changes.
* Add threaded download dialog that shows progress of each threaded
download (and total progress?).
* Implement loading index files from Internet.
* Implement downloading package files.
* Fix icon trouble with main window, progressbar.
* Implement install dialog.

In other news, Chris has been working on some problems with the Keryx
binary on 64-bit Linux systems. I'm sure he'll get us up-to-date on
that tomorrow night.

The place to be is #keryx (irc.freenode.net) and the time to be there
is 0000 UTC (8:00PM Eastern, 7:00 Central).

I'll see you then!

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