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I haven't actually built in the download page at all, but I realized it's
probably not terribly necessary just yet. I decided to just slap in threads
into 1.0 and have the text update just redirect into the status bar instead
of terminal. This works pretty well and is easily noticable so it's not too

Callbacks need to be added a little better so that once the thread finished
the GTK function can be notified and update the interface accordingly. I
tried this with the finished_downloading function (pull the latest) but the
issue there is that this function is being called from inside the thread,
meaning that all of these calls need to be glib.idle_add wrapped. I am
assuming that what we need to do is to have have a glib.idle_add() function
as the callback, which will in turn call the callback. This is probably the
best way to do things, that way GTK is what calls the function, so we can
modify the GUI properly. Threading is fun!

Anyways, pull the code, fiddle with it, clean it up. It's working better at
least. :D

Chris Oliver