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Re: Linux translation


I don't know on that one. I only use SCons to compile KiCad and the
latest code on the bokeoa-scons subversion branch works for me. This is
currently the 2006-03-08 release with SCons support added. If you'd
like to try it out, download version 0.96.91 of SCons here:


Then check out the code:

svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/kicad/branches/bokeoa-scons

Then compile:

scons configure

I've never had much luck with the stock make-based system and shared
libraries out of the box, so I rewrote the build system to use SCons and
now doing builds on large SMP boxes works great. :)


On Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 10:45:58PM +0100, Bo?tjan Jerko wrote:
>I tried to compile the version 2006-03-08 and when linking I get:
>undefined reference to `vtable for WinEDA_DisplayOptionsDialog'
>I guess I'm missing something but just can't find out what.
>Any ideas?
>On 3/16/06, Bo?tjan Jerko <bojerko@...> wrote:
>> I wanted to write "Linux compilation" in the subject.
>> I'll look at the new release.
>> Thanks.
>> B.
>> On 3/16/06, Bryan Stillwell <bryan@...> wrote:
>> > On Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 07:45:48AM +0100, Bo?tjan Jerko wrote:
>> > >I'm trying to translate the latest source code of Kicad on Linux, but
>> > >everytime I try I get the following error:
>> > >
>> > >../include/wxstruct.h:1483: error: default argument missing for parameter 5 of
>> > > `WinEDAChoiceBox::WinEDAChoiceBox(wxWindow*, int, const wxPoint&, const
>> > > wxSize&, const wxArrayString&)'
>> >
>> > Are you using the 2006-03-08 release? I'm pretty sure the last time I
>> > saw that error was in the January release...
>> >
>> > What are you translating in the source code?
>> >
>> > Bryan