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Re: Windows Installer for KiCad


ahoyle99 a écrit :

Dear All

I have developed a installation script for KiCad using NSIS. I am just
wondering how I get it included in the KiCad project. The script is
finish but I just need to write some instructions on how to maintain
and modify it.
The script is based on the lastest compiled version of the project I
have (2006-06-26). I will update to the 2006-08-28 before I post it. I
have developed the script so all the installation files are is a
seperate subdirectory of the main compiled version (\KiCad\NSIS). When
the installation script is compiled it generates a single executable
file (\kicad\NSIS\setup.exe) that users can download instead of have
to download the whole compiled version in a zip file.

Currently the installation does not include the non unicode version of
the execuabtles and it does not include wings3D. I have create links
to the wings3D web site instead so the users can down load it
seperately if they wish. I have managed to compress the installation
down to 23.1MB which will be a bit less painful for dial up users than
the 76MB of the current zip package.

Please tell me want I should do now.

Alastair Hoyle

Please, send me your script

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