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Re: Building Windows version of KiCad


Geert Vancompernolle a écrit :


This morning, I tried to compile the sources of KiCad on a Windows

My final goal is to compile it with VC++ 2005 Express Edition, but since
this is not possible yet, I followed the "MinGW" way of working.

So, I downloaded and installed MinGW and MSYS (according to the HowTo
document for Windows compilation/installation) and also downloaded

I first compiled wxWidgets, without any problems.

Next, I compiled the KiCad source codes. Again, without any problems
(well, after finding out how things worked, to be honest).

My executables (kicad.exe, eeschema.exe, pcbnew.exe, gerbview.exe and
cvpcb.exe) are created without any warnings.

After running make -f makefile.g95 install, the exe's are installed in a
winexe directory.

However, when double-clicking on one of the exe's (doesn't matter which
one), I don't see any application starting up.

Anyone has an idea what could be the cause of this problem?

Try to launch kicadexe from a console (under msys run ./path were in kicad.exe./kicad.exe ) in order to read the message errors...

I think the mingwm10.dll is not found (this is a part of mingw distribution).

I suggest to copy this dll in windows/system32.
It is in kicad distribution (see kicad/winexe).

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