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Re: kicad sources


Well, kicad is rather complicated piece of software which IMHO needs a
rewrite of some parts. There is no documentation about source code,
just code itself. If you think that you can understand the program in
few days of looking through code you are mistaken. you will need few
weeks to review all of the code.

Wxwidgets are complicated for beginners too. But for understanding of
kicad code you do not need a lot of understanding of it. It helps if
you know MFC, AFAIK both libraries are similar (logic behind them not
the code).

undo/redo feature is not so simple feature that can be implemented as
a addon. This has to be done from the ground up. More about undo/redo
you can find on google.

I hope i didn't scare you.

Rok Markovic

--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "musaitmisiniz"
<musaitmisiniz@...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to modify kicad sources to draw electrical harness 
> wiring schematics. I am not an experienced C++ programmer I learnt it 
> in college 5 years ago. But i can learn more.I try to read the code 
> but I could not started because it is so complicated.I dont know 
> wxwidgets library this is another problem.Then I installed source 
> navigator but still it is too complicated for me.I also want to add 
> undo/redo but it seems not easy.I could not find good information at 
> developers mailing group.
> My question: is there any document which describes how to start 
> coding, which files contains what ?
> Can you give some direction?
> thank you,
> yusuf

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