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English translation or term choice


A really wonderful program!

I've run into a couple of terms that I think could be better translated.

The current version uses the term 'unit' to refer to a single schematic element within a part. Every other CAD system I've used (PADS-Logic, Eagle, Orcad, Tina) would use the term 'gate'. A hex Nand Schmidt trigger chip has 6 logic gates - I don't think any EE would say 6 logic units.

The other one had me confused and is even more important to change - the term 'Value' is used to refer to the name of a schematic part. All the other CAD systems I've used have a default value field that represents the value of a part type - as in a resistor value. I think the term 'value' should be changed to 'part-type', 'part-name' or simply 'name' and that a default field for 'value' should be created. (An example of the use of a 'Value' would be 100k for a resistor with a part name of CF-25 (carbon film 1/4 watt).

IMHO it would be good to have a real 'value' field defined as a default field.

I've noticed that both of these terms are in both the program and documentation.

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