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Re: 45 degrees component placing on board


yann gouy a écrit :


I'm new to this list and searching in the archive I don't find any
request for the possibility to place the component with an angle of 45

I have looked in the code and the different position are saved in a
wxPoint structure that is composed of 2 int. sure the rounding should
produce werd effects on the alignment.

I suppose yor are talking about footprints.

footprint orientation can be set by 0.1 degrees increments.

There is no rouding problems because pcbnew handle 2 sets of coordinates:
- a 0 degree orient based coordinates, relatives to the footprint anchor. they are used to compute the real coordinates after a rotation.
- the real (board) coordinates used to draw footprints.

Whatever the rotation and the number or rotations, the footprint the max real coordinate error (rounding error) is 0.05 mil.

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