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Re: Subversion's news.txt


I think it would be better to a separate text file for source changes,
and keep news.txt for actual news and summaries of actual releases.

Ok, sounds like a plan. I like the idea of that more, but I'd looked
at the existing file and noticed that the existing entries didn't
correspond to actual releases so I assumed it was being used more like
a changelog (for example there was no kicad release 16 feb 2007).

The current file looks more like a changelog. What exactly do you want
to put in there? If you start listing all the bugs fixed each release
(as at the moment) then you pretty much have a second changelog.

I propose, adding:

Can we keep the name lowercase? mixed case bugs me ;-)

And it would be nice to list the source files that were changed, the
reasons for the changes, and the name of the person making the changes.

Maybe listing all the source files is excessive? Hopefully the reason
for the change is clear from the note made about it (e.g. fixed bug in
xxx where it caused crash/etc.), but probably no need to write a great
deal unless the change is complex and likely to be controversial (in
which case it might be worth getting comments from the dev list

But wait, subversion does most of this anyway.

Yes, and it would be possible to just get a listing of all commits and
update the changelog with them just before release, but it would need
to be filtered to get all updates out that aren't really worth noting
in the changelog, so it'd be job for someone, that wouldn't be a whole
lot of fun, each release.


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