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Re: Subversion's news.txt


> > I think it would be better to a separate text file for source changes,
> > and keep news.txt for actual news and summaries of actual releases.
I think better to put information about news and changes at wiki,
because ordinary user doesn't want to download huge package only to
get information about changes and news.

> > But wait, subversion does most of this anyway.
> Yes, and it would be possible to just get a listing of all commits and
> update the changelog with them just before release, but it would need
> to be filtered to get all updates out that aren't really worth noting
> in the changelog, so it'd be job for someone, that wouldn't be a whole
> lot of fun, each release.

Somebody (oh! maybe I :-( , but I have to many work with another wiki
information about KiCad), can make "human readable" changelog and news
at wiki and after that make the same in text files which we can put in
a KiCad package.