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Re: Subversion's news.txt


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Richard A Burton"
<richardaburton@...> wrote:
> > I think it would be better to a separate text file for source changes,
> > and keep news.txt for actual news and summaries of actual releases.
> Ok, sounds like a plan. I like the idea of that more, but I'd looked
> at the existing file and noticed that the existing entries didn't
> correspond to actual releases so I assumed it was being used more like
> a changelog (for example there was no kicad release 16 feb 2007).
> The current file looks more like a changelog. What exactly do you want
> to put in there? If you start listing all the bugs fixed each release
> (as at the moment) then you pretty much have a second changelog.
> > I propose, adding:
> > changeLog.txt.
> Can we keep the name lowercase? mixed case bugs me ;-)
> > And it would be nice to list the source files that were changed, the
> > reasons for the changes, and the name of the person making the
> Maybe listing all the source files is excessive? Hopefully the reason
> for the change is clear from the note made about it (e.g. fixed bug in
> xxx where it caused crash/etc.), but probably no need to write a great
> deal unless the change is complex and likely to be controversial (in
> which case it might be worth getting comments from the dev list
> first).

OK, lets add change_log.txt and use it as discussed here. I may never
visit the wiki, it is an extra step. Editing the change_log.txt file
is easier, it will be in the working copy. It gets bulk transfered
with the check in.