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Re: Re: Checking in broken code


This is too much dialog about one line of code. My opinion flipped last
night. I agree that the one line of code should be re-written. If it
was more than that I would possibly think otherwise.

That's fair, if it gets to be lots of stuff that just can't be done
with 2.6 then fine, we move to 2.8. While it's only simple lets keep
to the 2.6 API.

I simply think we should rewrite that one line code for now and try and
stick to *2.6 API*, although using the 2.6 API does not preclude
actually linking to a 2.8.x library, statically or dynamically.

Indeed, anyone who wants to and is able can use 2.8. Although keep in
mind my comment about the worse performance of 2.8 (which may not be
everyone's experience, but it was mine when I tried it out). I'd be
interested to hear if others have seen any difference, good or bad.

Maybe instead of all this talk we should be looking at a way to rewrite
that code for JP, if he has not done it already.

I did have a quick look, but I'm not a wx expert. Haven't figured out
how this was achieved before 2.8 yet, though it must be possible. I'll
keep looking.


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