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Re: Wiki merging


On Fri, Jun 15, 2007 at 10:13:11PM +0200, Milan Horák wrote:
>- Build_System/Make and Build_System/SCons pages reported as orphaned
>but are linked from Build_System. Any idea why are they reported this

The SCons build system that I wrote hasn't been updated lately and we
should really just stay with one build system for now. I originally
created it to fix the problems with the current recursive make build
system, since doing a non-recursive make is rather difficult IMO. More
details can be found in the "Recursive Make Considered Harmful" paper:


The other nice thing about the SCons build system was that it supports
parallel builds on SMP systems (with multi-core processors, this can
speed up compiles quite a bit). If people are still interested in using
SCons, we can revive it pretty easily. Let me know. :)


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