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Re: Kicad logo


Thanks to Henri, who seems to have some talent.

My opinion:

Igor's idea is fine. What if you give Igor's feedback back to Henri, and ask if he would give us some more choices. I like the 3d look. If all choices were this high quality, then it seems it would be pretty easy to make a choice. I think the schematic symbol should also be 3d as well as the "the real part".

Sometimes opinions are hard to find around here, so I offer mine so you at least get some feedback.


Hi all,

so from a man named Henri Valta I received a logo proposition (including blender source data).

Igor says we need logo more contrast and with only two parts. Each parts have to represent one of the two main parts of Kicad pcbnew and eeschema.

So one has to be a schematic component and one has to be 'a real part'.

Opinions and suggestions welcome.

And also words from The Master Jean-Pierre ;-)


Milan Horák napsal(a):

Hi all,

for wiki site we need a KiCad logo.

I think the best will be the same as KiCad icon, but I lack any graphical talents so ...

We can ask Inigo Zuluaga, creator of beautiful 3D icons on http://www.kicadlib.org/ . Halo Inigo ... :-)

Or any idea ?

It has to be approx 120x120 px to place it on wiki pages.


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