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Re: Mac OS X port


1) Please send the patch to this list if you can.

2) Also, make sure your patches don't break anything for non- Mac OS X ports, meaning you needs to have the proper

#if defined( <whatever SYMBOL has been used before pertaining to OS Mac>)
mac os x specific stuff

type of stuff in your patches. This is a must, other wise your patch is not a patch, it is a list of changes which would have to be manually crafted in and I don't know who would be willing to do that.

3) Also, make sure your patches are relative to the latest SVN checkout.



Hi group,

I've cleaned up the immediate bitrot related to the Mac OS X port of kicad, including proper handling of library path, support for application bundles, and building against the MacPorts version of wxWindows.

In a couple of days, I'll have created a patch that I'd like to submit. Are there any preferred ways of submitting patches?

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Best Regards,


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