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Re: Mac OS X port


Hi again,

Just in case anyone is waiting for this:
It turned out to be more complicated than I first thought to bind together the individual tools in the KiCAD suite. Somehow, KiCAD requires arguments to be given on the command-line when launching tools from the project manager, while this is an unsupported way of launching programs packaged as application bundles under Mac OS X. The normal way of doing this is using Apple Events - now wxWidgets seems to support apple events, but assumes that an application receiving them is an MDI-type application, which KiCAD is not. A couple of iterations further down into the matter, I've come to think that to fix this properly is a fair bit of work, and unfortunately I don't have this kind of time at the moment.

I'll pick up this thread again in a while, but if anyone has any comments or insights, I'm interested.
Also, if anyone is interested in my current patch, I can post it.

~/= Marius

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