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Re: Greetings from a first time poster


On this occasion, I have uploaded a copy of an updated version of the gendrill.cpp file to
the Files page, so I'm hoping that somebody else here will subsequently take a look at it,
and if they are happy with the changes I have made, then check that file in.

Thanks, fix looks good so I've committed it. In future please supply a
patch against latest svn level, and for ones of that size just include
the text in your email.

(I am not set up to compile files on my own PC as of yet, but it is my intention to be able
to do so at the first opportunity. And any tips which anyone else could provide me with in
that regard would be appreciated, such as a list of the files which I should acquire, the
associated URLs, the sequence in which I should install those files, etc.)

- install linux (e.g. http://www.debian.org/)
- install dependencies (e.g. (for debian) libx11-dev,
libglu1-mesa-dev, libgl1-mesa-dev, mesa-common-dev, libwxbase2.6-dev,
- checkout svn trunk
- make -f makefile.gtk

And to avoid having to upload any more files to the Files page, I would also be interested
in being provided with the ability to be able to check in files to some appropriate location.

You'll need to catch the attention of a project admin to get write
access to the svn repo.