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Re: Track connectivity enhancement


jean-pierre charras wrote:
> Geoff :
> Please, remove all your last changes in via enhancement.
> You are mistaken for via attributes.
> *** Attribute is only what layer pair is allowed, not what layer
> pair is really used. ***
> Via attributes can be THROUGH VIA, BURIED VIA or BLIND VIA.
> Its is only a via attribute, not the real via type.
> Jean-Pierre CHARRAS
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> Institut Universitaire de Technologie 1 de Grenoble
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> 46, Avenue Félix Viallet
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Thank you for explaining that vias' (shape) attributes actually 
specify the permitted layer pairs for each via, rather than the layer 
pair which is actually used.

As you have provided me with that explanation, I now appreciate that 
the changes which I recently made were inappropriate, so I will 
remove them ASAP.

Geoff Harland.

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