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Re: new bug? related to wxwidgets?


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> calvingrier wrote:
> > Is wxWidgets the culprit here too?
> >
> > http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?
> >
> > It appears to happen in the Window install I have, not in the
> > earlier Linux install.
> >   
> The latest svn build of cvpcb on my Ubuntu Feisty is working as you
> say it should. So it may be either a wxWidgets version difference
> or a wxWidgets platform difference.
> I tried to help you, but it looks like somebody who builds Kicad on 
> Windows will have to take it from here. Sorry.

I have also observed the same behavior in the Windows version. 
However, I don't think that this is something which has changed 
recently, as it also happens in various earlier versions of KiCad as 

If I can find some time I will take a look at the source code for 
Cvpcb and see if I can figure out how to modify the existing 
behavior. (To hazard a guess, some additional code would probably be 
required to switch the focus from the Footprint window back to the 
Cvpcb window again. Do any of the other developers have a good 
understanding of the source code for Cvpcb? I haven't really looked 
at it myself so far, other than for fine-tuning the "Display Options" 
dialog box.)

Geoff Harland.

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