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Re: new bug? related to wxwidgets?



Thank you again for your helpfulness. You are an important asset to our team.

Does this bug exist in *your* windows Kicad?

If not, simply upload your windows binaries to the sourceforge site. And update the bug database there to say this bug has been fixed. Then done.

But more likely, if the bug exists, then first let's recognize that the bug is a minor bug. Fixing it may require single stepping through the Kicad *AND* wxWidgets code in a debugger. This is trickier to debug than bugs existing only within Kicad. Therefore I would say this bug has an unfavorable cost to benefit ratio, which is often a criterion used to determine which things get fixed first. Short of somebody spending time on it, maybe the reporter could make the folks who maintain wxWidgets aware of it. Or maybe it will go away on its own as we move to newer versions of wxWidgets, say a year from now. There is also the possibility that a workaround could be put into the Kicad code. In the end, it always comes down to man-hours.



Dick Hollenbeck napsal(a):

calvingrier wrote:

Is wxWidgets the culprit here too?


It appears to happen in the Window install I have, not in the earlier
Linux install.

The latest svn build of cvpcb on my Ubuntu Feisty is working as you say it should. So it may be either a wxWidgets version difference or a wxWidgets platform difference. I tried to help you, but it looks like somebody who builds Kicad on Windows will have to take it from here. Sorry.

To prevent misunderstanding (my English is not so good) - what should I do?


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