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Re: Re: new bug? related to wxwidgets?


I have also observed the same behavior in the Windows version. However, I don't think that this is something which has changed recently, as it also happens in various earlier versions of KiCad as well.

If I can find some time I will take a look at the source code for Cvpcb and see if I can figure out how to modify the existing behavior. (To hazard a guess, some additional code would probably be required to switch the focus from the Footprint window back to the Cvpcb window again. Do any of the other developers have a good understanding of the source code for Cvpcb? I haven't really looked at it myself so far, other than for fine-tuning the "Display Options" dialog box.)

Geoff Harland.

I have not looked at it, but it sounds like your idea might lead to a windows specific workaround. And that might make somebody happy and get you an "atta-boy". :)

If your focus directing idea works, please be sure that we don't goof up the linux behavior.


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