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Re: Building on Mac OS X and GNU autotools


> 1) What are the plans for use of GNU auto tools? Is this the way to
> go? Is it being worked? If no one is doing this and people want it I
> could add this.

I did a little work on the makefiles a while back (primarily to allow
easier packaging for linux distributions), and there was a bit of a
discussion at that time (between myself and Igor, iirc). That
discussion ended with the thinking that it would be a good idea
(especially for helping people getting it running on non-core
platforms), but we didn't have the knowledge to do it, or the time to
learn (I just started at medical school, so I have very little spare
time now).

> I would implement it as a parallel build system where users could use
> either the current makefile or do the ./configure thing. Later
> remove the makefiles. Also the first implementation would just
> duplicate the current makefiles and not add any functionality. Once
> this is reliable it could be extended to actually do some checks.

As a user of the build system, for my own builds and for packaging
Kicad for Debian, I'm in favour. Most people on this list will be
regular users of the build system though, so I expect you'll get
plenty of feedback on the idea.

How much work would it be for you to do this? And how easy would it be
for the rest of us to maintain it?


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