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Re: Building on Mac OS X and GNU autotools


On 26. okt. 2007, at 19:07, Chris Albertson wrote:

2) I think the Mac port needs work. I tried building it under Mac OS
X and got a huge number of compile problems and warnings. It may be
that #1 above needs to be done first. I decided to try building on
Linux first. This is going better. My goal is the get Kicad working
on the Mac but I think I'll gain some experience with it on Linux
first. I have Ubuntu installed using VMware Fusion on my Mac

I would very much like to get KiCad to work on Mac OS X so I can convert from using Eagle. Unfortunately, I have no experience with wxWidgets and not a whole lot of time on my hands. However, if there are more people than me who want to toss in some hours now and then to get the Mac port up and running, I'm very interested in getting on with the work.

See my email from October 2 for the latest state of things.
I can make my patch available, but since it overlaps with an existing (though not merged into SVN) patch, I've hesitated until the current problems are solved.


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