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Re: Building on Mac OS X and GNU autotools


On 26. okt. 2007, at 20:47, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

What is the problem you are trying to solve, "it won't build on the Mac"?

This is not an issue. KiCad builds under mac using the makefile.macosx as on the other platforms. It's a bit of duplicated logic of course, but no showstoppers in terms of building.

Then I would ask, please define "Mac", as this seems to be a moving
target lately. Maybe we should agree on a terminology to describe the
Mac platform that involves greater specificity.

I'll try to clarify something about the Mac platform:

o "Mac" these days refer to the Mac OS X platform. It is based on Darwin/FreeBSD with a set of proprietary stuff on top, and has been around since 2001. Older Mac OS versions are very different and has been obsolete for a long time. o As such, Mac OS X is a quite well-defined platform, a lot more well- defined than "Linux" I would say. o All versions of Mac OS X (e.g. 10.0, 10.1 .. 10.5) are in general compatible with each other.

As with any OS, the variations available are really only which platform abstraction or GUI toolkits are being used when writing applications. In case of KiCad, this is wxWidgets, which can be compiled natively for Windows, Mac OS X and a number of X11 toolkits under Linux (I don't know which versions KiCad supports). wxWidgets is trivial to install under Mac OS X as it's part of MacPorts, a collection of free software maintained for Mac OS X.

A reason for confusion about the definition of the Mac OS X platform might be that Mac OS X doesn't use X11 as a window system, but X11 is freely available as an optional install (similar to running an X11 server under Windows using Cygwin/X). Thus, some free software apps (e.g. Gimp, OpenOffice) tend to be ported to Mac OS X using X11, as this is easier although the application would suffer similarly to it would having to run an X11 app under Windows.

I really recommend keeping KiCad tied to the native wxWidgets version btw.

~/= Marius

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