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Re: Building on Mac OS X and GNU autotools


> This is not an issue. KiCad builds under mac using the
> makefile.macosx as on the other platforms.
> It's a bit of duplicated logic of course, but no showstoppers in
> terms of building.

First off it it builds why not post a disk image of the application
bundle? Installation
would then be trivial, just drag to the application folder. Kicad
would then become
very popular on the Mac. Most Mac users would never compile from source even if
it was easy. Realistically to support the Mac you need the disk image.

Yes, "Mac" today means 10.4 or now today 10.5 with X11 and Xcode
installed plus in our case a copy of wxWidgets. I've got this and the
makefile fails. I have not figured out exactly why it fails yet. I'm
guessing it might be the version of wxWidgets or where I've installed
wxWidgets or how wxWidgets was built. What I see is much undefined
stuff inside .h file.
Could be as simple as pointing the -I options switch to the right
../include directory

I figured I could solve the problem of hunting down the various
../include and ../lib
directories and library versions once and for all with auto tools.
But I thought to
ask first because some projects really do not accept patches.

If the answer is "It works. There is no need to do anything" then please post
the binaries. I'd MUCH prefer to layout some PCBs and then get on to
writing code
that will run on the micro controllers on the PCBs

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