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Re: Building on Mac OS X and GNU autotools


Hello all!

>I just read on the KiCad wiki that someone is maintaining a SCons
>build system (not yet merged in SVN):

This is a very old attempt to implement SCons build system.

>The current state of rumors indicates that SCons is a more modern and
>elegant solution than autotools, but I don't have any experience to
>back up those claims. At least it's Python instead of the strange M4
>stuff ;)
>~/= Marius

I think we need not a modern build system, but more widespread - like
autotools, automake.
The main problem of many opensource projects is the non standard ways to
make something by simple end users to get a working program!

If we want to get better KiCad (this mean "get a more wider community"),
then we all MUST make as much as possible to simplify all processes
which user must do to get a working program.

The most *NIX users do not know anything about SCons and other
alternatives to autotools.
In better case, they simply know to
untar sources,
run configure,
run make, make install
and thats all!

If this ways don't work, then user simply forget about this program and
think "this projects is like a shit".
But that is not all!
After that failure, the user 99.9% will NOT try to get updated sources
in the future - he simply forget about existence of such project.
He say to all friends and in all forums, e-mail lists: "do not use the
program XXXX - it like a shit!"

Because of above, we must be more user friendly as possible, use only
mainstream programs, interfaces, ideas, ways...
Igor Plyatov