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Re: Is there a prefered xwWidget version on the MAc?


On 10/27/07, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:
> Chris Albertson wrote:
> > I'm trying to build Kicad on the Mac. (A recent Intel iMac with
> > "Tiger" and gcc 4.0.1) I get a series of compile errors but which
> > errors....

> My understanding is 2.6 or higher is known to build. I use, so
> named by the Ubuntu folks.

So you are building on Ubuntu? I just checked my Ubuntu system and it
uses gcc version 4.1.2 Mac OS X (4.4, "Tiger") has gcc 4.0.1 The
errors I see are caused by an over loaded function. Perhaps gcc 4.1.2
is smarter. Perhaps the new Mac OS X has a later gcc?

Yes I could get the new gcc but Kicad should build using Apple's
native development system,whatever Apple has pushed out via Software

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