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Re: Is there a prefered xwWidget version on the MAc?


Chris Albertson wrote:
> I'm trying to build Kicad on the Mac. (A recent Intel iMac with
> "Tiger" and gcc 4.0.1) I get a series of compile errors but which
> errors....

My understanding is 2.6 or higher is known to build. I use, so
named by the Ubuntu folks.

So you are building on Ubuntu? I just checked my Ubuntu system and it
uses gcc version 4.1.2 Mac OS X (4.4, "Tiger") has gcc 4.0.1 The
errors I see are caused by an over loaded function. Perhaps gcc 4.1.2
is smarter. Perhaps the new Mac OS X has a later gcc?

Yes I could get the new gcc but Kicad should build using Apple's
native development system,whatever Apple has pushed out via Software

Yes I build on Ubuntu Feisty and use the standard shared libraries for wxWidgets which come from Ubuntu's packages.

But I had a gcc version 4.0.1 which I built about 2 years ago. And in an attempt to help you, I compiled the kicad project with it, and it also compiles the project without errors or warnings. So if it is your compiler, it would have to be because it was patched. My gcc 4.0.1 is pristine, I know this since I built it myself. Instead of questioning your compiler, could there be a conflict with header files on your system? Maybe you should be posting some questions on the wxWidgets help forums. Also, check your -I include paths. The makefile.gtk and libs.linux files are golden. They are working well, could be a good reference.