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Re: Patches.


>> The patch should be allow to search the /kicad/ directory not on
the /var etc 
> This patch doesn't seem to work. You're trying to resolve paths  
> relative to wxGetCwd() for application resources.
> Thus, your tests will always fail.
> Note that I solved the path resolving under Mac in a different way 
> in WinEDA_App::SetBinDir().

> The code handling paths is a bit hard to get an overview over, but  
> AFAIU, the folder containing KiCad must be called "kicad".

I've said was "dirty" but not this dirty, the folder that contains
Kicad was free to change, the directory with the libraries the help
and the rest have to be named kicad.

Indeed your soluction is far more clean than mine.