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Re: Patches.


On 28. okt. 2007, at 21:16, Marco Serantoni wrote:

The patch should be allow to search the /kicad/ directory not on the
/var etc etc but directly in the root of the executables, moreover
should permit Kicad to search in the bundles (.app directories).

This patch doesn't seem to work. You're trying to resolve paths relative to wxGetCwd() for application resources. KiCad will set CWD to point to the location of the project file, not the location of the executables.
Thus, your tests will always fail.

Note that I solved the path resolving under Mac in a different way in WinEDA_App::SetBinDir().

Also note that the Mac OS X binaries should follow the same packaging standard as under Windows, e.g:


The code handling paths is a bit hard to get an overview over, but AFAIU, the folder containing KiCad must be called "kicad".

Packages.tar.gz contains some "arts" and settings to make know OSX that
the applications manage .sch and .pro files.

I've included these changes into SVN.
Thanks for your efforts on the icons.

~/= Marius

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