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Re: Mac & "invalid context"


On 29. okt. 2007, at 07:47, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
Those posts are earlier this month. So this is just coming to light?

Apparently, yes.

One poster said the following, and it is what I was thinking. This idea
should have gotten more mileage on that list:
<cut excerpts from discussion>
Yep, nobody pushed the discussion further..

Towards that end, if you build wxWidgets from source, you might be able to augment the wxDC constructors and destructors with event logging (~
printf()s ? ) and gain a better understanding on how they are being
used within Kicad. In any case the source to those needs to be understood.

I'm a bit hesitant to initiate a discussion over there being a noob both to wxWidgets and KiCad. It might very well come across as "hey, we've got some buggy software over here, could you please keep wxWidgets bug-compatible with some old version?", so I have to do some homework first I guess..

Also, before I talk to the wxWidgets guys I want KiCad to build against any reasonable version of wxWidgets out of the box, in case some helpful soul there decides to give it a spin. At the moment, KiCAD doesn't build against the latest SVN version of wxWidgets. I have an initial patch here to fix that, but since it touches 45 files, I have to test it a bit before committing.

Anyway, I'm going to be unable to do much the next few weeks (too busy with work and travels), but I'll keep this in mind. I can submit my wxWidgets-svn patch if anyone is interested in testing and committing it and don't want to wait a few weeks for me doing it.


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